Understand energy spending and analyze organization energy usage



Build company energy profile to understand consumption per category



KAFAAT ENERGY® Solutions for energy saving and management decisions



Continuous support to repeat monitoring and maintain savings


WHO CAN BENEFIT from our Services



  • Every power consuming facility can benefit from KAFAAT services
  • We can provide our services to actualize a considerable power saving
  • From chillers in large markets to fast food chains and restaurants.
  • Each saving can be easily converted to immediate profitability

  • Industrial field are largely hit by the monthly energy bill.
  • Energy saving can be translated into more production units and reduced cost per product.
  • Heavy energy dependent plants and factories are a great candidate to immediately benefit from our services.
  • Our phased approach is structured to work hand in hand with our customers.

  • Hotels, villas, apartments, & medical field will benefit from reducing their energy bill.
  • Understanding the energy profile per large machine can help plan a more efficient usage.