Save more than
    20% of your total electricity bill
    Energy monitoring & energy savings
    We tell you what you are spending in real money, so it means something to you.


Understand energy spending and analyze organization energy usage



Build company energy profile to understand consumption per category



KAFAAT ENERGY® Solutions for energy saving and management decisions



Continuous support to repeat monitoring and maintain savings



KAFAAT ENERGY ® Services is focused on providing energy management, monitoring and saving services and solutions.

Partnering with leading vendors of energy monitoring and energy saving solutions which enables us to help our customer understand their energy spending and guide them to the best approach to properly manage their energy


We leverage our consultancy edge, to help our customers understand their energy spending and energy profile.

Our engagement doesn't end at highlighting our customer's problems but rather recommend solutions and we will also implement those solutions.

Providing training to our customers’ staff to continue using our techniques and products maintaining the savings that already occurred.

We position ourselves as your trusted energy management and saving alliance and partner.

This enables us to leverage various - best in the market - energy saving products.

Through our proven real-time energy monitoring, we help our customers invest in saving products with educated decisions and risk free directions.

We do not blind you with science. Energy Management can be a complex process – we promise to make it as simple as possible by delivering energy usage reports that anybody can understand.

We do not stop at providing you with kilowatts, peak demand and power factor. Energy is measured in kilowatts, but it’s paid for in currencies.


KAFAAT ENERGY ® , leverages its energy services to enable industrial, commercial and residential clients reduce energy spending.

This phased approach essentially aiming to provide a very comprehensive understanding of the organization energy consumption and ways to reduce waste.

Reduction in the electricity bill is the objective to be achieved for the organizations to pay only for what they use and save what could possibly be saved.